Why Going Green Makes Sense to Your Food Business

If you run a restaurant, bakery or a catering business, you’ve already thought about going green to help protect the environment. After all, food businesses (and most other businesses actually) impact the environment daily. Also, more and more consumers now prefer those companies with environmental initiatives.

Why going green makes sense to your business

Being eco-friendly is good for business because you might attract and retain more customers. This will also help you feel proud about responsibly running a business where you still get profits, prepare delightful food and help the environment recover. This is truly a responsible and sustainable way of doing business.

However, going green can entirely change how you do business including how you source the ingredients (e.g. organic preferred) and how you handle what happens in the background (e.g. cleaning pots, pans, chopping boards, stainless steel and aluminium trays and other baking and cooking utensils). You might be worried that going green can make you spend more time and money.

Thankfully, going eco-friendly can also mean saving time and money. For example, this is already happening in many commercial kitchens and bakeries when it comes to how they clean everyday cooking and baking utensils. Businesses found a way to clean those while saving time and money (energy and water savings, less labour time for staff) as well as minimise environmental impact (less water used, non-caustic and 99% biodegradable way of cleaning utensils).

Many food businesses have accomplished that by using commercial soak tanks. Basically they work by soaking the utensils in a biodegradable and nontoxic solution and then rinsing them (could be a 12-hour soak). In other words, you can soak the trays, pans and pots just before the end of the shift and then tomorrow you can quickly rinse them.

There’s some staff training required to do it right and safe. But the investment and time will be all worth it because you’ll save time every day and you can better focus on preparing great food (instead of spending hours cleaning the pans). And yes, this is a responsible and sustainable way of doing business.

If all these sounds great to you, you can contact us here at Ezy Clean and request for a free trial so you can immediately see how it works. This soak tank technology can help you thrive in this competitive business landscape.