Our technician will deliver, set up and install your chosen Ezy Clean Soak Tank at your premises. The tank will require a dry flat, well ventilated area with sufficient space to move and clean around the soak tank. A power point with its own designated circuit is required in close proximity to the soak tanks position.


At the time of installation full training is provided by our service technician on how to operate the soak tank, perform maintenance on the soak tank and First Aid & Safety. Instruction Guides are provided in the Customer Welcome Pack. These guides are also available on the support page on our website.

A soak tank consultant


The Soak Tank’s water and solution need to be changed once a month. This involves, emptying the soak tank and refilling the water with new soak solution which we send out to you each month. This is a very simple process which we provide full training for. Alternatively, you may order a Ezy Clean technician to come out on a monthly basis to carry out this service.


If you have any technical queries please call 1800 399 253. Our technicians are available and happy to assist with any questions you may have.

Customer Care

Our customer care service centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
We can be contacted by telephone or email.