Standard Soak Tank

Standard Soak Tank Dimensions

Perfect for fast food chains, bakeries and more!

Compact and powerful, this Ezy Clean Soak Tank is perfect for commercial kitchens with limited floor space. Ideal for quick service restaurants (QSRs), this tank is designed to meet the growing demands of the foodservice industry.

With its clever compact design, the Ezy Clean Soak Tank can accommodate larger items while still providing optimum space utilization. Don’t let its size fool you – this tank can handle more than you think!

Currently being used in RSL clubs, fast food chains, and bakeries, the Ezy Clean Soak Tank is a versatile and essential piece of equipment for any busy kitchen.


  • US304 Stainless Steel 1.5mm and 2mm – means it will never rust
  • Dual Skinned – means two layers of stainless steel walls
  • Thermal Seal Technology and Fully Insulated to trap heat
  • Easy grip handle
  • Safety Lock Hinges
  • Safety Lock Wheels
  • Easy to load basket system with desirable height resting pins
  • Easily fits under bench tops

Spotless Kitchenware, The Ezy Way

Australian restaurants are saving time, money and water with our Soak Tanks, making them a necessity for all commercial kitchens. Free yourself and your staff from hundreds of hours a year scrubbing pots and pans. Dirty items can simply be placed in an Ezy Clean Soak Tank overnight and be rinsed off in the morning – good as new and ready for another day!

Cut down on your water bill and cleaning product expenses immediately – the water and Soak Solution only require changing once a month and remain effective throughout.

Exceptionally Safe – Maximally Effective

Our HACCP approved Soak Solutions were created with safety in mind – not only for you but also the environment. The non-caustic, non-toxic formula gives you peace of mind for your staff, and its salt based ingredients allows it to be 99% biodegradable.

External Dimensions: 76cm L x 51cm W x 80cm H

Internal Dimensions: 66cm L x 40cm W x 62cm H (~164 Litres)




Heater 2000W



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The Ezy Clean Tank plugs into a normal standard power point

When positioning your new tank it requires a dry flat surface with sufficient space around to access and clean in a very well ventilated area.

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More Sizes

Medium Soak Tank

Medium soak tank

Large Soak Tank

large soak tank

X Large Soak Tank

X large soak tank

Custom Size Soak Tank

Ezy Clean Soak Tank Features

Stainless Steel Construction

Medium soak tank
  • SUS304 1.5mm and 2mm Stainless Steel Dual Skinned Construction
  • Thermal Seal Technology (minimises heat loss)
  • 10 AMP Power Supply

Light Weight

  • Removable Light Weight Stainless Steel Basket reduces strain on operator
  • Adjustable height level with resting pin lift points inside the tank

Lockable Castor Wheels

850A8577 blue-cropped
  • Lockable Caster Wheels
  • Lockable Lid

Safety Lock

  • Safety Lock Hinge
  • Heat Resistant Easy Grip Handle
  • Drainage hose compartment under tank

Our Product In Action

Our Packages include

  • Monthly rental of Ezy Clean Soak Tank
  • Ezy Soak Solution Powder delivered to you once a month
  • Delivery, Set Up and Staff Training
  • Unlimited Technical Support and full onsite warranty for the life of the agreement
  • All inclusive of GST

You Can Ezy Clean All These Items

Here is what can go into the Ezy Clean Soak Tank and how it can help your commercial cleaning purposes.

Stainless Steel & Aluminium Filters and Roasting Trays

  • Greasy: 20 min
  • Light: 1 hr
  • Heavy: 1 hr

Crockery, Cutlery, Utensils and Chopping Boards

  • Greasy: 1 hr
  • Light: 1 hr
  • Heavy: 1 hr

Can only be put into clean water after servicing tank (Do not put into dirty water)

Stainless Steel & Aluminium Baking Tins

  • Greasy: 1 hr
  • Light: 2 hr
  • Heavy: 6 hr

Oven Racks

  • Greasy: 1 hr
  • Light: 4 hr
  • Heavy: 8 hr

Pots, Pans, Fry Pans & Deep Fry Baskets

  • Greasy: 2 hr
  • Light: 4 hr
  • Heavy: 12 hr

Please note the plastic handle on deep fry baskets cannot go into the tank.

Cooktops, Gas Rings & Grill Bars

  • Greasy: 3 hr
  • Light: 8 hr
  • Heavy: 12 hr

Ezy Clean Filters Too!

Sill hiring a filter cleaner?

Don’t wait around for your filters to be serviced any longer! They could be going into an Ezy Clean Soak Tank whenever you want.

Having an Ezy Clean Soak Tank allows you to clean filters any day of the week without paying for an additional service.