How To Combat Staff Shortages This Christmas With A Soak Tank

A Soak Tank May Be Your Secret Weapon Against Staff Shortages

The restaurant industry in Australia is already facing challenges due to staff shortages. The Christmas season, however, compounds these problemes as service demand increases while staff availability decreases. How can restaurants maintain quality and profitability during this time? One solution is to use a soak tank to clean kitchenware, which will free up staff to focus their efforts on serving customers.

What is a Soak Tank?

A soak tank is an automated machine that cleans and sanitizes kitchenware such as pots, pans, and utensils. Instead of manually scrubbing these items by hand, staff can place them into the soak tank where a special soak solution and hot water do all the work. This allows staff to devote their time to tasks that require more skill or attention such as preparing food and serving customers.

Advantages of Using a Soak Tank

The advantages of using a soak tank are numerous. For one, your staff will save time which would otherwise be spent scrubbing kitchenware by hand. This is time that can be better spent elsewhere. Additionally, it will reduce labour costs as less staff are needed for clean up duty. Furthermore, it helps ensure food safety standards are met since it properly sanitizes and cleans kitchenware. This cannot always be guaranteed by manual hand washing. Finally, it helps reduce waste since less water and detergent is used compared to traditional methods of scrubbing kitchenware by hand.

How To Choose A Soak Tank

When selecting a soak tank for your restaurant there are several factors to consider. These include size (how much space you have available), capacity (how many items need to be cleaned at once), and cost (what’s your budget). It’s important to research available options before making a purchase so you can find one that meets your needs without breaking the bank!

Don’t Let Staff Shortages Ruin Your Christmas

The Australian restaurant industry already struggles with staffing shortages year round. During periods of high demand such as the Christmas season these issues become even more pronounced. Investing in a soak tank is a great way to alleviate some of these problems. By freeing up staff members from having to manually scrub kitchenware they can focus on providing excellent customer service instead! Not only does this reduce the impact of staff shortages, it also saves money and resources in the long run. Your kitchen’s overall operations will therefore be much more efficient. If you believe a soak tank can help your operation, contact us here today.