How Can I Make My Restaurant Kitchen More Efficient

It’s a fast-paced environment where the entire staff struggles to keep up. Also, the rising quality and safety standards and customer expectations demand more from ourselves and staff. As a result, even a 1% improvement in efficiency means a lot.

How can I make my restaurant kitchen more efficient

But first we have to know what efficiency really means. If a restaurant is efficient, it means it can get things done quickly and with minimal waste. This can also mean maximum results from minimal resources. With a highly efficient restaurant kitchen, we can better service the customers while staying profitable.

To achieve that efficiency, it’s crucial to make the background processes as smooth as possible. What happens in the background affect what’s in front and what customers experience. These background processes also affect the results, especially when it comes to hygiene and sanitation. After all, much of the work in restaurants happen in the background including food preparation and cleaning and washing of the kitchen utensils and cookware. These regular tasks can literally eat up the staff’s time day in and day out.

However, customers may not be aware of those background processes. What they care about most is that the food arrived in a timely and expected way. And in case they have concerns and questions, there should be available staff nearby to respond to their enquiries. In other words, the staff should be free to actually interact with customers or focus on other important things aside from keeping the cookware clean.

This is a huge opportunity for efficiency and productivity. For example, the use of Ezy cleaning systems has allowed food staff to save time and focus on other important things such as making sure everything is orderly and responding to customers. This also allows people to better make use of their time instead of the chaos which is common in restaurant kitchens.

Our cleaning systems use soak tanks that easily remove grease and oils from cookware and other kitchen items. This allows easy maintenance of the kitchen and results to savings in time and money. Phone us here today at 1800 399 253 Ezy Clean if you think this will help your restaurant kitchen become more efficient. We can discuss your requirements and send you relevant information so you can know if our solutions are appropriate for your kitchen operations.