How an Ezy Clean Soak Tank Can Save Your Restaurant Money

 It’s been a tough time for the Australian restaurant industry with tougher times ahead. You, as a restaurant operator, know more than anyone else in most other industries the kinds of sacrifices and adaptations needed to overcome the COVID crisis. Now, its long term effects are starting to set in, compounded by war abroad and local natural disasters

“But life still goes on…” as the late Freddie Mercury put it. Diners are returning in droves, demanding the same quality of service as before. Supply chain disruptions and labour shortages are the least of their concerns while they enjoy a meal out. In the end, it’s up to you and your staff to maintain the service you’re known for despite rising costs and disrupted supplies. 

So how can Ezy Clean help? It’s simple. An Ezy Clean Soak Tank makes money saving improvements over multiple dimensions, while providing a service necessary to all restaurants. 

But first, what is a soak tank?

Soak tanks, as the name suggests, are tanks that passively clean carbon, fat, and grease stained cookware via a ‘soak solution’. The solution is what breaks down stains and grease build up. You may be wondering: “why is the tank necessary when it’s the solution that does the cleaning?”. The tank is necessary as it maintains a certain temperature where the solution is active. This allows the solution to be effective at dissolving carbon and grease without being caustic.  

Before and after of dirty and clean pots using an Ezy Clean soak tank

Now let’s get to the specific ways soak tanks can save your restaurant money.

How a soak tank can save money for your restaurant

By reducing labour demands

Picture this: It’s already been a night of busy service and a flood of patrons come in. A stack of dirty pots and pans already waits in the sink and you have to make a difficult decision. You’re not going to pull a crew member from service and risk the customers’ experience. Either you or one of them will have to stay overtime to get them ready for the next day. 

A soak tank totally avoids this dilemma. Simply soak dirty cookware in the appliance over night and rinse clean in the morning. This equates to hundreds of paid hours saved each year from reduced clean up time. It also allows your staff to direct their time and energy towards delivering great quality food and service.

So, not only will you save money by reducing your labour demands, you can potentially increase customer satisfaction by dedicating that saved effort towards great service.

By reducing water usage

For premises with metered water, saving water where possible is of great interest to reduce costs. Conventionally, pots and pans require a pre-soak in a large sink before scrubbing. Repeated every day, this greatly contributes to a restaurant’s water usage. With soak tank however, you only need to change its water once a month. This results in a dramatic reduction in water used. For example, an Ezy Clean medium soak tank needs roughly 300 liters to operate. That’s a miniscule fraction of what most restaurants will use, repeatedly filling and draining multi-hundred liter sinks every day.

By reducing cleaning chemical usage

As a consequence to the previous way a soak tank can save money, the soak solution also only needs to be changed once a month as well. The solution remains fully active and effective between changes so long as the tank is powered to maintain temperature. This saves the amount you need to spend on detergent and other cleaning chemicals used in conventional pot scrubbing.

A soak tank can save money by replacing other costly services

Soak tanks aren’t just for cookware! Any aluminum or steel item that fits into your soak tank can be cleaned. A common way some of our customers are saving money with their soak tank is by using it to clean their rangehood filters. Usually, this is done by a third-party service at a hefty price, but with an Ezy Clean soak tank it can be done by yourself or your staff at any time. 

Save money with the right soak tank

When choosing a soak tank, it’s important to install one that will accommodate the demands particular to your restaurant. To give you confidence that you’ll be using the soak tank best fit for your kitchen, Ezy Clean provides free on-site consultation. Reserve a session today and we’ll send our technician ASAP to assess your kitchen’s floor space and cleaning needs.

In summary…

With rising costs affecting restaurants most dearly, owners and operators across Australia are seeking ways to increase efficiency and save money where they can. Every restaurant needs its pots, pans and other stain susceptible cookware cleaned. Only restaurants with a soak tank are doing so with the most efficiency. And only those with an Ezy Clean soak tank are doing so with superior service and value. Contact us today to get started on your soak tank journey.