How a Soak Tank Can Help Your Busy Restaurant During the Holiday Season

The Christmas season is a busy time for restaurants. Customers are out and about, celebrating with family and friends. This increased demand puts pressure on restaurants to provide excellent service. At the same time, many staff members take vacation time during the holidays, which can make it difficult to maintain adequate staffing levels. One way to ease the strain on your staff during this busy season is to use a soak tank. Soak tanks can help your restaurant in several ways:

1. Soak tanks free up busy restaurant staff from having to scrub kitchenware by hand

This task can be time-consuming, and it takes away from other tasks that need to be done, such as serving customers or preparing food. Soak tanks automate the process of cleaning kitchenware, so your staff can focus on other tasks, keeping the kitchen running smoothly.

2. A soak tank thoroughly disinfects dishes, leaving them virtually germ and virus free

As friends and family make more frequent contact with each other, illnesses are more likely to spread. By using a soak tank, you both sanitise kitchenware while reducing contact time, minimising the window for contagion spread. This will not only safeguard your customers, but also reduce staff having to go on sick leave.

3. A soak tank reduces your utility bill

With a higher volume of service comes more electricity, water and cleaning product usage. A soak tank however only needs to have its water and cleaning solution changed once a month. This saves your restaurant hundreds of washing cycles’ worth of water and detergent.

In summary, a soak tank is the perfect solution for busy restaurants during this demanding season. It can keep your staff both safe and productive and reduces overheads. Your first step for a happier holiday season is to reserve a free consultation appointment for an Ezy Clean soak tank. There, our expert consultant can tailor a solution for your specific needs.