Common Problems Encountered in Commercial Kitchens

It’s a busy and chaotic place. Aside from making sure customers get their food on time, you also have to make sure that everything is clean and in order. It’s a fast-paced business where mistakes are costly.

Common problems encountered in commercial kitchens

It’s especially the case with sanitation. A single mistake could actually cost your entire business because word spreads fast. To prevent this, many restaurant owners and managers create and implement a detailed checklist to ensure the cleanliness of each surface. Whether before, during or after the shift, there are detailed checklists in place.

However, this all takes time which makes the commercial kitchen even more chaotic and unmanageable. As a result, owners and managers invest in equipment and technologies to speed up the cleaning tasks while still making sure strict hygiene standards are being met. One way they accomplish this is by using kitchen soak tanks that help save time and money. These tanks speed up the cleaning of cooking and baking equipment and utensils. No more scrubbing because the staff can just soak and rinse the grease and oils from stainless steel, aluminium and metals.

Washing and rinsing the stainless steel and aluminium filters and roasting trays and roasting tins plus crockery, cutlery, utensils and chopping boards is truly a laborious and time-consuming process. In the slow and conventional way of washing these items, restaurants often hire more staff to do the job. But with soak tanks, there are labour savings and manpower becomes more manageable. It’s also a practical and economic way of still making sure cooking and baking equipment and utensils are clean and spotless.

The restaurant behind-the-scenes staff can save tremendous amounts of time from washing oven racks, pots, pans, deep fry baskets, cooktops, gas rings and grill bars. They can then attend to other important tasks which directly contribute to the restaurant’s bottom line. They accomplish these all while meeting hygiene standards and making sure they’re preparing the food in a proper and hygienic way.

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