Many of us have been used to manually scrubbing pots and pans. It’s exhausting and time consuming. Plus, the results are far from spotless and excellent. You and your assistants might be spending several hours each night to make sure the pots, pans and other cooking or baking equipment are clean and ready for the next day.

How restaurants save time on cleaning pots and pans

We’re used to the old-fashioned way which is why in many restaurants there are one or two washers who are dedicated to that single job of scrubbing the pans and pots. Many times the restaurant owner or other staff members help with that. Instead of thinking ahead or making sure the customers receive their orders on time, the owner is busy with something laborious and time consuming.

Good news is that some restaurant owners and staff have already found a way to save time on cleaning pots, pans, cutlery, chopping boards, stainless steel and aluminium trays, deep fry baskets and other baking and cooking utensils. They have accomplished this by using soak tanks to just soak and leave what needs to be washed at night and then quickly rinse them all in the morning. There’s no manual scrubbing (and yes, minimal mess) which is why restaurant owners and staff can instead use their time and energy in actually preparing delicious food for the customers.

Although it requires some training, for the succeeding months and years imagine the time you will save. Also, here at Ezy Clean we offer a free 1-month trial so you’ll quickly know if this is best for you. You will instantly realise how this can make a huge difference to your daily operations.

Our soak tanks are in active operation in restaurants, hotels, bakeries, pubs and clubs, hospital kitchens and catering kitchens. Aside from the time saved, our solutions (non-toxic, non-caustic, 99% biodegradable) have also helped minimise environmental impact from washing greasy pots, pans and trays. Contact us today here at Ezy Clean if you want to learn more about our cost- and time-saving solutions for your commercial kitchen and order a 1-month trial.