How an Ezy Clean Soak Tank Can Save Your Restaurant Money

 It’s been a tough time for the Australian restaurant industry with tougher times ahead. You, as a restaurant operator, know more than anyone else in most other industries the kinds of sacrifices and

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Your Commercial Kitchen Isn’t Complete Without This (Hint: It’s a Soak Tank)

This isn’t mommy’s kitchen. Restaurant/commercial kitchens operate under very different rules than home cooking. One large difference is the kinds of equipment and appliances found in a commercial kitchen. In order to deliver

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5 Impacts of COVID on Australian Restaurants & How EzyClean Soak Tanks Can Help

Everyone loves a comeback story, but it’s one thing to witness one and another to be part of one. A return to pre-COVID normalcy has demanded Australian business and society to go through

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Why Going Green Makes Sense to Your Food Business

If you run a restaurant, bakery or a catering business, you’ve already thought about going green to help protect the environment. After all, food businesses (and most other businesses actually) impact the environment

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How Restaurants Save Time on Cleaning Pots and Pans

Many of us have been used to manually scrubbing pots and pans. It’s exhausting and time consuming. Plus, the results are far from spotless and excellent. You and your assistants might be spending

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Common Problems Encountered in Commercial Kitchens

It’s a busy and chaotic place. Aside from making sure customers get their food on time, you also have to make sure that everything is clean and in order. It’s a fast-paced business

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